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December 2022: What's Happening at WATER
​All WATER events will be held over Zoom, unless otherwise noted.
Our monthly programs are free and open to all; your generosity makes them possible. 
If we share, together, we have enough.​
Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:30 pm ET with Brad Lutz

Brad Lutz, a retired pastor, will spark our meditation as we move into Advent and Winter in the North, Summer in the South. “Waiting” together, like meditation together, is a source of strength and peace. ​​​



Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 2 pm ET (remember: Tea on Tuesday at Two) with Rosemary Ganley

"Responsible Travel: Can We Even Do It Any More?"

Writer and activist Rosemary Ganley will ask the hard question: is responsible travel still possible? If so, how can we engage in it with respect for the people who live in places we want to visit as well as respect for Earth?

Join this tea conversation—more informal than a book discussion and with small groups in which to share—as we kick off the holidays together. Give yourself this gift, and give us the gift of your presence.
Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 7:30 pm ET with Diann L. Neu and the WATER Community

“Bringing the Light of Wisdom for Winter Solstice”

December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere is the Winter Solstice. The night is longest and the day is shortest when Winter brings sweet darkness and calls the sun to return. It invites us to a long journey inward to draw on our natural resources and strengths. In this liturgy, we will enkindle winter festival lights to beseech the sun to return again, to awaken compassion and justice from generation to generation. ​​​




Seeking Counseling, Spiritual Direction, or Clergy Supervision?
WATER is here to support you. Contact us for spiritual direction, psychotherapy, clergy supervision, and pastoral counseling provided by co-director, licensed psychotherapist and spiritual director Diann L. Neu. Email​
Recent WATER Programs

Diann L. Neu's 
WATERrituals for December


Sr. Miriam Therese Winter joins FutureChurch and the Women's Ordination Conference to recall the ministry and life of Ludmila Javorová, a woman who was ordained a Roman Catholic priest by Bishop Felix Davidek to serve in the underground church there when the church was under threat by the Communist regime from 1948 through 1989.

Women Erased Series

FutureChurch's Women Erased Series offers online presentations that uncover the many ways women's leadership, witness, and ministries have been erased from our Church's Scriptures and Lectionary, historical record and memory, and communities.

These sessions, featuring leading scholars of Biblical studies, Church History, Ecclesiology, Canon Law, and Sacraments, as well as faith leaders will not only name and explore the history, but also put forth resources for correcting the record and telling the true story of women's central role in shaping and spreading Christianity from its beginnings to today.

Please join us as we learn from one another and prepare ourselves for taking action to build a Church where the gifts and ministries of women and all Cathoics are valued and restored.

Upcoming Sessions and Video recordings of past sessions