Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Community, Calgary, AB --  Activities Promoting Indigenous Justice

Monica Kilburn-Smith, Special to The Review | July 15, 2021

Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Community newsletter often features various articles about Indigenous issues. This is something we do regularly - include articles from all over, many sources, regarding Indigenous (and other social justice) issues.

We include, as others among us do, a land acknowledgement at the beginning of our Mass and group gatherings, and are in the process of choosing which version of this we will put on our newsletter and website.

Our community members are also involved in creating and manifesting special services, events, attendance at civic events, etc to do with social justice. Eg. Liturgies with Indigenous prayers (and drumming), inviting local Indigenous leaders to participate in one liturgy in particular a couple of years ago.

We hosted a Blanket exercise.

Most importantly, a Dene elder, Violet March, has been part of our St. Brigid’s community from our beginning in 2008, and has begun to take a more active and leading role in St. Brigid’s.

Our liturgy in June specifically focussed, in part, on the Kamloops situation, and Violet did a smudge. As she began our Mass with an opening prayer she spoke in her Dene language and read the land acknowledgement.

Of course, like everyone, these kinds of efforts have been furloughed due to Covid, but our consciousness has been raised by recent events in particular, and we are committed to addressing these issues in our liturgies and community events even more in the future, and plan to encourage community members to offer ideas and learning opportunities to others.


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