RCWP Canada Liturgies
Sutton, Quebec

 Christian Community of Julian of Norwich

The community celebrates Eucharist every Wednesday at 4:30

The community also participates in various ecumenical events throughout the Church year.

During Holy Week we have a joint service for the residents of  Foyer Sutton on Holy Thursday. On Good Friday we participate in the walk with the cross, starting at St-André’s Catholic Church, with stops at the Baptist Church, the United Church congregation, the Anglican Church and finishing with a soup lunch at the Anglican Church Hall. Proceeds are donated to a local charity.

Easter Sunday morning we participate in a sunrise celebration at the home of a parishioner followed by a pot-luck breakfast.

For further information please contact:  lspear@granby.net

Sudbury, Ontario

Sourdough Faith Community

Our Sourdough liturgies are at 10:00 am ET.
People who would like to join may contact: mbouclin@tyenet.com.

Pickering, Ontario

St. Mary Magdalene, The First Apostle Catholic Faith Community

Contact: therealrobertaf@gmail.com

Website  https://www.rcwpchurch.com/

ALL ARE WELCOME.  This is a radically reformed, inclusive parish ministered by an ordained Roman Catholic Woman Priest celebrating all sacraments, serving your community, working for gender equity and social justice for every woman, man and child. We welcome all to the table just as we believe Jesus did.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Mary of Magdala Inclusive Catholic Community

Our liturgies are at 10:00 am CST (CST year round)
Contact mmiccregina@gmail.com for more information.

Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge Inclusive Catholic Community

Our liturgies are at 10:00 am MT.
For more information contact:

Calgary, Alberta

St. Brigid of Kildare Community

Our liturgies are at 10:00 am MT. 
For more information contact: stbyyc@gmail.com.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community

We meet at 3:00 pm Pacific Time.  For more information contact: tepeyacvancouver@gmail.com.


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