Roman Catholic Women Priests has grown and expanded globally. Respectful of cultural distinctions, members of RCWP Canada adhere to the following values:

1. Equality

Women and men are created whole and holy by God; and as baptized persons women can equally represent Christ. Therefore, we can be ordained. Our ordinations are done in apostolic succession following the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

2. Justice

We strive to live as communities of justice, inclusivity and diversity. We renounce clericalism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, and all forms of discrimination.

3. Accountability

As companions on the journey, we are mutually accountable to one another, to society and to creation.

4. Collegiality

Our models of governance are communitarian, based on a new model of church, which encourages empowerment and generous service, and rejects all forms of domination and control.

5. Prophetic obedience

We are called by the Holy Spirit to read the signs of the times and respond.

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