Program Coordinator and Program of Preparation
Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is responsible for:

a)    assessing Applicants to the Program of Preparation in consultation with other members of the Leadership Circle;  
b)   ensuring that an Applicant has met all the Admission Requirements for the Program of Preparation;
c)    informing the Applicant of acceptance or non-acceptance into the Program;
d)   working with the Candidates in collaboration with the Regional Leadership Circle and a Priest Mentor, with whom she will keep in regular contact about the Candidate(s).  The Program Coordinator either works directly with the Candidate(s) or delegates a Priest who lives in closer proximity to work with the Candidate(s);
e)    signing off on an individual Candidate's program.  Decisions regarding the Candidate's readiness for diaconate and priestly ordination will be made by Leadership Circle.  All team members must agree that the Candidate has fulfilled all of the requirements for ordination and is deemed to be ready; and
f)    maintaining continuous communication with the International Program Coordinator Circle so that continuity and consistency among programs are maintained.

The Program Coordinator will have a Master's Degree in Theology as well as pedagogical and computer skills consistent with adult education. She has the ability to work collaboratively and collegially with others, and is familiar with the RCWP vision of church and priesthood as well as with the Program of Preparation. The Program Coordinator is selected from among qualified members of RCWP Canada for a three-year term, renewable once, and may delegate parts of the duties to a qualified Assistant who also serves a three-year term, renewable once.

Program of Preparation

The basic requirements for admission to the Program of Preparation are:

  • Call by God and a community,
  • Education and experience,
  • Psychological evaluation,
  • Criminal record check,
  • Application fee,
  • References.
The Program of Preparation is a discernment process.  For further information on applying, contact the Program Coordinator, Sylvia Richter at


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