Your income tax deductable donations will help to nourish our growth and sustain our development in the following ways:
  • Preparing candidates for ordination
  • Underwriting ordination events and activities
  • Assisting candidates with related ordination costs, based on need
  • Developing ministerial, educational, social justice and outreach programs
  • Producing publications and educational materials

Donations to RCWP Canada may be made in the following ways:       

1. Cheque

Make cheque payable to RCWP Canada

Send cheque via Canada Post or US Postal Service or your country's postal service to:

RCWP Canada
c/o M.Roth, Treasurer,
28 Edenstone View NW
Calgary, AB  T3A 4T5

2. Western Union

Visit any Western Union office.  Use the information as for sending a cheque,

3. MoneyGram

Visit any MoneyGram office.  
Use the information as for sending a cheque

4. PayPal
Click on this Donate button to donate via PayPal or a Credit Card:

or use this QR code to donate via PayPal or a Credit Card with your phone or tablet:


5. Leave a donation for RCWP Canada in your will

Because of Canada's tax regulations, you may give money to a charity that you would otherwise give to Canada Revenue Agency in taxes.

[RCWP Canada has authorization from Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status and is able to offer income tax deductable receipts.  Each donation will be promptly acknowledged with our thanks.]

For more information on how to donate to RCWP Canada contact:


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